Q1: How long have you been collecting? Since March 06 so only about 18mths

Q2: How did it all begin? During a discussion at work about our favourite childhood toys someone mentioned Sindy - my Dad had car booted all my Sindy stuff when I went off to Uni & I got all excited wondering whether I could find anything out on the Internet!  Er just a little I discovered, & when I put 'Sindy' into the ebay search engine I was blown away by the amount of stuff that was for sale.  I nervously bought a small job lot which included a couple of dolls & some clothes & waited.  My husband thought I'd truly lost it as I screeched with delight when they arrived!  I spent hours washing their hair & dressing them up & so it went on...

Q3: What's your favourite Sindy era? The seventies

Q4: Do you limit your collection? Yes - I have to, if I didn't I'd spend even more money!  I only collect seventies dolls & clothes although I do have just a few 60s & 80s bits that I like.  I'm actively trying to collect every item from 1976 - 1979 inclusive at the moment

Q5: How organised are you? Fairly I guess - I usually know where everything is at least!  I do have 2 big bags of unsorted stuff that I would like to 'file' but I never quite get around to it.

Q6: Favourite doll? Very tricky question - probably the TG I rerooted myself as it was such hard work!  Having said that I also adore my 1st ed active with a repro of the prototype outfit made by Sindy Repro

Q7: Favourite scene setter? Probably the horse - I always wanted one when I was young, my cousin gave me all her Sindy furniture when she grew out of it but she never let me have her horse!!  However the ever common yellow buggy does bring back great memories of playing camping with Sindy in the garden!

Q8: Biggest bargain?  I'm still waiting for it!!  I never seem to have any luck at car boot sales or charity shops.... I'm hoping my day will come soon...