OK here goes..
I bought my first Sindy outfit off Ebay at the end of August 2003, that was the beginning of my Sindy collecting. It was 1963s 'Lunch Date' dress and headscarf, and I was absolutely gob smacked at how minty it was after all these years !.....
My favourite era has to be the 60s, I love the 60s anyway, but it was when me and my sister got our first Sindy and Paul, so it brings back wonderful memories.
I wish I could limit my collection, but as of yet, no, I collect just about everything to do with Pedigree Sindy, and have recently even gone into the first Hasbro Sindy !
I can be really organised, but it never lasts as I just don't have the space, so I'll get tons of stuff out to do a photo shoot, and then it all gets a bit much, and I get stressed and want everything tidy, so it just gets 'chucked' back in the cupboard in a heap ! I then end up, at a later date, emptying out the cupboard and sorting everything out again, I seem to always be sorting out ! Ha Ha....
Hard to say which is my favourite, my MIE brunette has to be in there though, just because she was my first 60s Sindy, so she's special, 'Cresida' my blonde sidepart is also a favourite...Oh I could go on...and on ....!!! Ha Ha................


Favourite Scene setter. MMmm....hard one....guess it would have to be a few I'm afraid. LOVE the 60s kitchen table and chairs,

and the sink unit, and the wash day set,

although haven't got that later years, the bell chime piano...the radiogram...

Biggest bargain...a few, but Mam'selle 'crotchet look dress WITH fob watch, and also Mam'selle night shirt and panties for about 15..00 for the two, now that was a bargain !!!!! Another would be 'absolutely complete 'Dream Date' came in a lot, minty! Sold the rest of the lot, and Dream Date ended up being free, can't get more a of a bargain than that !
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