Q1: How long have you been collecting?
My name is Vicky and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been collecting Sindy (the second time around) for about 2 years.
Q2: How did it all begin?
My first Sindy was a Christmas present the year I turned 5 or 6 and she was a beautiful auburn active and my sister got a black haired active. That Christmas Sindy also got some clothes and luggage.
For the next 4 or 5 years every birthday and Christmas more things for Sindy would turn up.
My sister and I used to love looking in the window of our local toy shop to see what new Sindy was there!
When we moved to Australia in 1986 Mum made sure the boxes of Sindy stuff were carefully packed and came along too….. However, later that year(I was 12), I deemed myself far too grown up for Sindy and she was packed away.
23 years later when helping my parents move to another new house the boxes were rediscovered. It was like Christmas finding them again.
The plan was to flog the lot on ebay and make some cash. But then I thought I might keep my first Sindy…..
After giving her a good wash and new hair that I bought from the lovely Sue of Reroot Doll in Australia, I thought I might rejuvenate my sister’s first Sindy as she might want to keep her and then I thought I as well spruce up the others before I sold them.
Well things didn’t quite happen that way. Not only could I not part with my childhood favourite, I found myself BIDDING on all those items I wanted as a child! (I told myself it was to complete the set and whole set would fetch more on ebay then single items!!)
My collection has gone from 7 Sindy’s to nearly 200!
Q3: What's your favourite Sindy era?
I love the 80’s as there were some amazing scene setters from that period and my sister and I spent hours playing with them, we just loved the lifelikeness of Sindy’s world and wished that one day we would be grown up like Sindy and have all the lovely things Sindy had.
Q4: Do you limit your collection?
I am not a fan of the new look Sindy’s so I only have Pedigree pre 1985 and tend to use the post 1985 for spare parts!!! My collection is mainly from the 80’s but do have few dolls from the 70’s and a couple from the 60’s and I have Sindys first car – the sporty red MG which my lovely husband bought me for Christmas 2 years ago.
Q5: How organised are you?
We recently built a new house and I am very lucky to have a room for my Sindy’s. I have my ‘girls’ displayed on shelving units and unworn outfits are either in Sindy’s wardrobes or in zip lock bags to keep them clean.
I am also lucky enough to have 4 Sindy homes to display all Sindy’s furniture.
The first one is the original Sindy Super home which survived a trip to Australia from the UK ! I have furnished with mainly Marx (USA) furniture from the 1970’s and sindy's garden swing on the roof top garden.
I have 2 of the Sindy Town House Super Home that I have joined together to make one big house that is mainly furnished with 1980’s scene setters with a couple of pieces from the 1970’s.
My husband made me a third one which is beautiful, I have decorated using the original cardboard rooms as back drops, left over paint from a renovation and mum even sacrificed some of her beloved net curtains for the windows and is furnished with all 80’s pieces and one chair I made to match the 4 poster bed from a spare duvet cover.
The last one is a real jewel in my collection and is the 1985 Country Manor house. I had been coverting one for ages and when one finally came up on ebay I BEGGED the lady to change her mind about posting it to Australia and in the end when her orginal buyer fell through she did! It cost a fortune in postage but it was worth it as I love it!
Again it is furnished with all 70's & 80’s pieces apart from a custom made lounge suite which is just lovely and a re-ments kitchen.
I am now badgering my husband to build me another house as I have a stack of Sindy size miscellaneous doll furniture that I am keen to use. A friend who builds model planes has spray painted an orange Sindy toilet, blue Sindy bath and miscellaneous doll sink white so they all match in preparation for the new house.
I  would like to make it Sindy’s friend June’s house. He’s resisting so far but I am fast wearing him down!
Q6: Favourite doll?
My very first Sindy an Auburn Active holds a special place in my heart. She has been rerooted as she was well loved and her hair was a bit worse for wear after years in storage and I have dressed her in the Marx Ballerina Outfit.
I think all the actives through the years have been stunning.
My second favourite at the moment is 1970’s lovely lively I rerooted in snow white saran and dressed in the Majorette outfit – she is so gorgeous! I love the 70’s high colour dolls as they are so pretty.
My third favourite is my revamped June - gone is the dodgy ash blonde bowl cut and she now sports long chocolate brown hair with a side part.  She looks much more modern and prettier then before.
I also love my OOAK Mermaid Sindy. Sindy's legs were a bit worse for wear so I made her tail out of clay and then decorated with with glitter to match her lavander and silver hair.
And of couse my MIB Gayle is a favourite too!
To be fair, I would hate to part with any of my ‘girls” - I love them all!
Q7: Favourite scene setter?
My sister and I spent hours in the garden during summer holidays playing with the Sindy swimming pool, blue blow up camping set and the caravan.
I also love the Sindy green house – to be fair it is hard to choose! Recently won Sindy's Garden Swing which I longed for as a child so that has become a firm favourite.
Q8: Biggest bargain?

Living in Australia a bargain is hard to get as you have to factor in airmail costs! I have done pretty well buying TLC and Job Lots as I love bringing Sindy back to her former glory after a bad hair cut or years of neglect.  One person’s trash is another’s treasure!


I think my best bargain was my Marx Sindy Furniture job lot.  I got the entire collection for under 100 pounds including postage from the USA .

And that's my Sindy Story.
Love Vic xxx